Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 Miles at 75 Degrees!

Beautiful day here in Deadhorse. 75 degrees with just enough wind to keep me cool and chase the majority of the mosquitoes away. I ran around Colleen Lake.  In just a couple of days it has changed a lot.  The grasses along the edge are no longer brown but have finally turned green.  There is still a substantial amount of ice on parts of the lake and I even found where a few big chunks had washed up on shore.  But there is a lot more blue open water now than just a few days ago.  I saw lots of geese and ducks, but no caribou and happily, no bears. The truckers were not quite as polite today though.  They all seemed to want to see how much dust and dirt they could kick up on me as they sped by.  I had to stop and cover my face many times along my way.  Usually they slow down but not today.  It could be that because it was too warm for my bright neon yellow jacket, it wasn't as easy to see me in my purple T-shirt.  But I really doubt that.  Just in case I am going to see if I can buy a bright orange safety vest to wear on those days when it's too hot for my jacket.

I had a really nice run though.  I was very late starting but still ended up with enough time to run, toss my clothes in the laundry, eat dinner, and take a shower before heading over to work.  Even though I woke up rather late, I just couldn't bring myself to pass up a beautiful day like today.

Colleen Lake

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