Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back in Deadhorse

I've given my knew close to two weeks to stop hurting so decided that once I got back up north to work, I would hit it hard with the marathon training. I did feel occasional twinges in that left leg, but nothing worth worrying about.  I did lots of intervals and increased my general speed quite a bit.  It's pouring rain and extremely muddy outside so I used the treadmill.  I think it does have real value though because you can turn up the speed and force yourself to run faster.  So it was a really good 5 mile workout today.  I have the Nike Marathon in San Francisco coming up October 14th so my goal is to increase me marathon time considerably over the last few.  I have a new heart rate monitor watch and as soon as I figure out how it works I will start using it.  I do believe that is the key to increasing speed.

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