Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 Miles in the Rain

I ran along the Dalton Highway and along the little side road today.  It rained most of the time and was 37 degrees, but not very windy.  So it really was a pretty good day to run in spite of the rain.  Later I worked on my ballet exercises until I ran out of time and had to go to work.  There just is not enough time for the long runs that I want to do if I want to get enough sleep, shower, eat, and do anything else.  In Deadhorse, I work 7 days a week or should I say, 7 nights a week.  But today was a good workout.

I saw a couple of Deadhorse friends to and from my run.  The little red fox and the snowy owl.  I love when I see those guys.

I'm not making any progress on the fundraising.  If anyone is reading this, please help with a donation or pass on the word.  Cancer is serious business and it is taking too many lives.  I really want to see it come to an end so am doing as many events as I can possibly do for Team In Training.  This is my latest one:

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