Sunday, September 20, 2009

To the Rescue

Today was a rest day for my marathon training. Of course, rest days are almost as important as training days, so that the runner doesn't get injuries.

While I was driving around looking for photography subjects, I got a phone call from the North Slope Borough police. It seems some unfortunate hunter drowned in the Sagavanirktok River and they wanted to borrow my kayak so they could retrieve him. How sad for his family. My prayers go out to them. That river is icy cold and fast and has no mercy.

I guess my bright red car with the bright orange kayak is pretty easy to see around here. I'm glad they were able to track me down, so that I could help them out by loaning it to them.

I hope to do a long run tomorrow.
Please pass on my fundraising page to anyone who would like to support me in the very important cause of fighting blood cancers.

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