Friday, September 18, 2009

Running on the Tundra

It is feeling a whole lot like winter out here on the North Slope of Alaska. It was snowing slightly when I first started running, but was kind, and cleared up a bit for me. It was only 34 degrees but at least the wind was fairly light. I ran 4 miles on the gravel road. The Dalton Highway was an unblievable muddy mess, and so are all the roads in Deadhorse. It rained all night last night and because the ground is all permafrost, the water has nowhere to go. So, it just sits on top of the ground and turns the land into a mass of mud puddles.
I found a few friends out there on the tundra today. A few caribou and some tundra swans.
I did see some snow on the ground here and there, so winter is just around the corner.

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