Saturday, September 26, 2009

100 Miles

I reached my goal of running at least 100 miles this month.  I decided to take a day or two off to let the sore muscles heal, so today I just watched the snow falling.  It is getting a bit deep out there so I may have to find a treadmill to use.  Both of the ones in the Prudhoe Bay Hotel are broken, which is totally annoying.  There is one at the Flight Service Station so I will probably use it tomorrow.
It's becoming quite a winter wonderland out there now.  Colleen Lake is partially iced up, and most of the small ponds are covered with ice.  The birds are heading south.

I will drive south next week back to my home in Palmer, Alaska.  Then in a couple of weeks, off to San Francisco to run the Nike Women's Marathon.

I guess I will call that a 'long run' in preparation for PF Chang's in January!  GO TEAM!

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