Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Day Another 5 Miles

OK ambition is pretty low.  I know I should do a much longer run, but I seem to procrastinate even if I actually wake up on time. Lots of stress this week because of the government sequester and the fact that we are down to our last week before our entire Contract Weather Observer program may or may not be totally canceled.  I fly home in one week but don't know if I will even have a job to come back to or if my relief will fly up here to let me go home.  Even a good hard run doesn't seem to erase that stress. But it is time to start winding down on the training anyway since the marathon is only two weeks away.  My ankle is very close to back to normal.  So maybe I will be too slow for the Paris Marathon time limit, but if I can get home in time to catch my flight, at least my ankle will probably allow me to give the race a good try. I did get in 25 miles total this week and am now over 80 miles for the month.

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