Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still Treadmilling

Another 5 miles.  I'm still waking up too late to have time for much longer than 5 miles.  Too much stress keeping me from getting to sleep on time.  Early to bed, early to rise is best but not if it takes 3 hours to get to sleep like it did for me today.  Maybe I should try running before I go to sleep but I think I might fall asleep on the treadmill and fall off! At least I did get on and do something.  It was a good workout. Maybe it's time for some yoga now. Or maybe that would be good right before bed time tomorrow morning.

I got a donation yesterday and I was so happy to be able to send him an 8x10 of my photo of the week.  I always loved this one of the 3 eagles.  On the computer it almost looks 3D.  It's encouraging when I get a donation.  I still need $2400 to reach my minimum.  But I will donate it myself if I can't raise it any other way.

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