Sunday, December 23, 2012

Phase 2 Weather Here

It's not a day for stepping outside for any reason today.  I hope I can make it to work.  I can't see a thing out the window of my hotel room.  The wind is around 50 miles an hour in blowing snow at 4 degrees. I ran 7 miles on the treadmill though.  I woke up a little earlier today thanks to the howling wind outside my window.  It kept waking me up so I finally gave up and got up.  I reached 3000 miles using the Nike+ app on my iPhone.  That's like running all the way across the United States!  It took me a few years though.  Hopefully I will run the next 3000 in a lot shorter time.

Two more days until Christmas and a week until I can go home.  It's been a long month, mostly from stress over the repairs that didn't get done in my house. But they will be done soon after I get there.

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