Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Mile Treadmill Run

I got in a rather short 4 mile run today on the treadmill.  At least I woke up in time to do something.  Yesterday I slept so late that I barely had time to grab a bite for dinner and jump in the shower.  Now that I only have 4 shifts left here this month, I have finally adapted to the night shift. When I get home New Year's Eve it will probably take me until February to get back into the routine of sleeping at night.  I will be flying off to Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 9th so that should further confuse my sleeping schedule.  When I head to Africa on February 2nd, that should completely finish me off, biorhythm wise anyway!

I may not get many long runs in before the Paris Marathon but at least I know I will get one good 26.2 mile one in on January 13th in Orlando.  With luck I hope to get in a few long runs while I am out traveling around the east coast for 2 weeks after that.

I don't seem to be getting any more donations so I think I will probably just pay the rest of my minimum for the Paris Marathon then hope that I get more in the next couple of months.  At least that way it will be a tax deduction for this year.

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