Sunday, December 9, 2012

5 Miles Again

I seem to be sleeping a little too long the last few days so have not had time for a run longer than 5 miles.  I hope I can wake up earlier tomorrow.  When you work 7 nights a week, it can be hard to have time to run for several hours.  Here it is an even bigger problem because I have to work around the couple of hours available where dinner is served. It cuts right into the middle of my non-working time. 

I'm sticking with the treadmill.  -33 outside with a -60 wind chill.  That's enough to keep most folks inside, then add the dark and no place to run but the ice road with the trucks.  No thanks.  I have become very fond of the treadmill.  I am slowing picking up my running speed.  I guess I will see if it has paid off next month when I run the Walt Disney World Marathon for Team In Training.

Still no luck getting any donations.  I keep trying to come up with some more incentives because curing cancer just doesn't seem to be enough. But I can't give up.  If you want to beat cancer, you just don't give up.

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