Monday, December 17, 2012

Reading While Running!

Well that was an interesting experiment.  I read about the female runners from Kenya and how they have such perfect posture from balancing heavy weights on their heads. Thus when they run, they don't tend to bounce their bodies.  I also heard of a woman who was able to read while running quite fast on the treadmill. What better way than that to hold the upper body still and let only the lower body do the work.

I tried it while reading GOD: A STORY OF REVELATION by Deepak Chopra, and also listening to Christmas music by Mannheim Steamroller on my iPhone. I found that it almost seemed to use a different set of leg muscles to keep myself steady enough to actually read.  After one mile I went back to straight running and pushed my speed up to my desired race speed.  But I think it was a good exercise and I plan to work towards perfecting it. It made for an interesting workout anyway. It was a short one of only 3 miles because I am short on time today.

I received a $25 donation today and was delighted to send off an 8x10 print of my photo of the week.  I like the idea of sending a thank you gift to show my appreciation for donations to this special cause. How wonderful it will be if we can at least remove cancer from the enormous list of problems that exist in this world.
Peace on Earth!

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