Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 More Treadmill Miles

I woke up a little earlier today for a change. So I had plenty of time for a nice run.  I just did 5 miles but it felt really good.  I officially signed up for the Queenstown, New Zealand Marathon today. Something nice to look forward to in the middle of November.  I will have at least 10 more long runs before that one - all official marathons.  Hopefully I will be in good shape for that one after all that!

I'll be home in another 5 days and the first thing I want to do is go for a long run outdoors!  I'm suffering from the treadmill blues. But I'm glad I have it because outdoors here right now is just not a possibility. Sometimes you just have to use what you have.

I need to work on my fundraising for the Marine Corps Marathon too. 

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