Saturday, March 7, 2015

10 Miles Today

My Team In Training coach said 10 miles for today.  That's a long run on a treadmill but since that's my only options, forced myself to go down there.  I watched several episodes of  Big Bang Theory and also watched one of the little course videos on the treadmill.  I watched the one running trails in New Zealand.  What a beautiful course that was!

Speaking of New Zealand, I just signed up for the Queensland Marathon Tour last night.  Something absolutely amazing to look forward to in November.  I was a little worried at first because the tour ends on November 28 which means I fly home then, and two days later fly to Deadhorse.  But then I remembered, they are a day later there, so I will likely get home on the 28th or maybe even the 27th.  That's enough padding to be sure I make it home in time.  Worth the gamble anyway!

I want to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC with Team In Training for October.  The TNT website shows it as a Flex option but when I attempted to sign up it didn't show that option.  I suppose it's just too early in the year.  But I sure want to do that one.  It will be a great chance to visit all my cousins back in that area too.

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