Friday, March 20, 2015

3 Short Miles

Well, I think I may have solved the problem of how to acclimatize to higher altitude for the Maasai Marathon in Kenya that is at about 5700 feet. It has a 7 hour time limit but on tougher courses it takes me that long, even though my standard time is between 5:30 and 6:00.  I found two Mainly Marathon events in New Mexico the weekend before I fly to Kenya.  The Sugarite Marathon starts in Colorado and ends in New Mexico and is at 7500 feet elevation.  The next day the Eagle Nest Marathon is nearby and at 8500 feet. They both have no time limit so even if I do take a long time, I can still finish, get a medal, count them as marathons in Colorado and New Mexico, but most importantly - get some good high elevation running practice.  From there I plan to go hang out and hike in the Leadville, Colorado area at 10,000 feet, then fly to Nairobi from Denver.  I did much better climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro after spending a week cross country skiing in Leadville, so I figure this is a really good plan.  Plus I love the places where these marathons are being held. It will be a nice little vacation before a vacation!

But today I only ran 3 miles.  I was busy chatting on the phone with Marathon Tours about my Nairobi flight so got to sleep quite late. So of course also woke up late.  But I felt pretty good on the treadmill today and kept up my marathon pace.  I'm registered for 11 more marathons this year.  That will make this year my record year with 15 total. 

In the back of my mind though, they are all still to fight cancer.
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