Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 Mile Treadmill Run

I'm back up here in Deadhorse. Just had the most incredible blizzard but was able to sneak in on the early morning flight yesterday instead of getting stuck hanging out in the Anchorage Airport until things finally cleared up.

Judging by the speed of my last 4 marathons, it is definitely time for me to concentrate on picking up the pace.  I realize the last 4 came with significant challenges, extreme heat in the Bahamas, extreme wind in Chile, and a long list of inconveniences there in Antarctica.  But I am getting tired of always bringing up the rear.  It's easy to just blame it on my age, but I think I can place more of the blame on my own laziness than on just my age. 

So today I hit the treadmill hard, pushed my speed, and got in a good solid 5 miles.  Increasing my speed is going to be my focus this month as I train indoors on the treadmill.  Not much chance of running outdoors around here this month.  I'm just lucky to be able to get to work 1/2 mile in the car.  -20 now and of course the usual wind.  Deep snow where it hasn't blown away leaving something that would make a great ice skating rink in its wake! Yes, in times like these, I appreciate the treadmill.

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