Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Miles

I really had planned to run a lot farther but there just wasn't time before work.  So I'll have to be satisfied with a good 5 mile treadmill run. It's hard to find enough time to do a 3 hour long run when you have to work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, shower, eat, etc.  I like to eat breakfast when I wake up then I like at least an hour before hitting the treadmill.  Then I have the problem that the kitchen closes so if I do a long run I miss dinner.  I haven't figured a good way around this issue yet.  I guess insomnia days will have to be my long run days when I'm working in Deadhorse.

I got all my hotels, cars, and flights arranged for the 3 marathons in May.  I'm still trying to figure out the logistics for my Australia trip next month.  I have my flight and found the site to get a train ticket from Perth to Bunbury. But the rest of the trip will just be an ongoing exciting adventure that ends with my flight home from Sydney.

It's been my plan to climb Mt Fuji in July but so far I haven't been looking at the idea seriously.  But today the Climbing Mt Fuji book that I ordered finally arrived.  So I'm going to do it.  I don't want to take the typical short hike from the 5th station like most people do.  I want to do the original pilgrim route, the Yoshida Route that starts at the Kita Guchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine at the base of the mountain.  It sounds wonderful and at least until I reach the 5th station I should be away from the serious crowds.  Something amazing to look forward to this summer.

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