Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Day Another 5 Miles

I thought I would just do a really short 3 mile run.  But then I decided on 4 miles.  But when I got to 4 miles, I went on to 5 miles. I worked on pushing the pace too.  I felt stronger today than yesterday.  I hope it's a trend.  I know most of my sluggishness is mental.  Fast music helps me keep moving.  I want to increase my mileage too.  Back in December, I was really bad at keeping up with training mileage.  Maybe it was just the darkness.  That month with no sun at all can seem pretty dreary.  It is easy to roll over and go back to sleep when I'm up here in the Arctic all of December.  I usually black out the windows in my room during the sunny months to help me get more sleep.  These last two days, I let the sun shine in and it didn't seem to stop me from sleeping.  But I think it did keep me from rolling over and getting 10 hours of sleep instead of what I really needed.

I'm running the Bunbury Marathon in April in Australia and my goal is to have a much better time than in my last few slow marathons.  It may not seem like much of a goal but for goodness sake, at least I want to beat 6 hours.  That's just ridiculously slow!  I probably won't ever get to Boston, but at least I'd like to stop worrying about reaching the finish line before they pull it down! Australia gives me continent number 6.  Then in August I will reach the 7 continent mark with the Maasai Marathon in Kenya. That will be a happy day.

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