Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bunbury 3 Waters Marathon

I had the most wonderful time here in Australia visiting with Pam and Lorrie, and running their beautiful marathon.  As usual I was ridiculously slow but it didn't help that I managed to get lost and nearly ran all the way around the Big Swam twice because the person monitoring the intersection decided to leave.  I finally asked some little kid how to get back to the ocean because I knew the course ran along the beach after you left the swamp.

This race really taught me that I need to get a move on and start training better because I took over 7 hours.  I would have been under if I had not taken a little detour, but still...!

I still got a first in my age group award though.  I was the only female in the 60 to 69 age group.  My friend from Antarctica, Sharon Kerson also got first in her age group because she was the only woman over 70.  We both finished so that's what really counts!

Bunbury Finish

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