Friday, June 17, 2016


I woke up late today and procrastinated until it was really late.  But I finally dragged my lazy bones out to go for a run.  There wasn't enough time to run around the lake so I drove down the road to a little side road that goes by a shallow pond, parked the car and just ran loops there for 3 miles.  There were a couple of Arctic loons on the pond but they were too far away to get a good picture.

At the 2 1/2 mile mark I tripped on a rock and went flying.  I managed to scrape my left hand and open up the same place that has years worth of scars from doing exactly the same thing.  Plus added one more scrape to my left knee.  I seem to have the same falling routine every time I trip and fall. My left knee and left hand always get the cuts, scrapes and bruises.  At least I'm consistent.

It was cold, around 40 and the wind was around 20 knots.  So that was the other thing causing me to procrastinate heading out there.  The little road is directly in line with the wind.  So in one direction I was freezing cold, and the other way quite comfortable.  But it was a beautiful sunny day.

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