Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cool and Windy

I guess our 60 degree days are gone for a while.  It was only 37 today when I did my usual 5 mile run around the lake. But I was comfortable with a sweatshirt under my windbreaker.  My calves are still really sore for the first mile or so.  I'm not sure why they are staying so sore.  That has not been typical in the past.  I suspect that maybe my shoes are just so worn out that they are becoming a factor.  They still feel pretty comfortable though.  They are getting close to 700 miles so are well past time for replacement.  I have another quite new pair of Hokas at home and plan to go back to them when I get home.

It was a pretty day with lots of clouds but lots of blue sky and sunshine too.  I saw a lone sand hill crane along the lake shore, and the usual collection of geese flying over.  Gladly, no bears.

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