Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Interesting Run

I was looking out the window watching a little bit of snow falling and thinking, nope, not today.  But then I just couldn't face the thought of the treadmill and I really felt the need to go for a run.  So I bundled up and hit the road.  It was pretty chilly, right around freezing white a fairly strong wind.  Plus the side of the road on the first stretch around the lake was really muddy.  It was building up on the bottom of my shoes so that I felt like I was running with lead weights on the bottom of my feet.  But it was drier on the second mile so I was glad I decided to go.

The sky was really black ahead and I wondered whether it would be rain or snow when I got to the far end of the lake.  It was quite the snowstorm when I reached it and the little snow pellets were stinging as the wind blew them directly into my face. A few trucks drove by and I'm sure the drivers thought I was insane.  But by mile 3 the snow had stopped and the sun was breaking through.  It was beautiful lighting and geese were flying overhead. But then along came one angry seagull who definitely didn't think I belonged there.  He kept dive bombing me, but never really dangerously close.  There must have been a next nearby.  I got some videos of him and of the storms off in the distance.  I think this was one of the most interesting 5 mile runs around Colleen Lake that I have ever done.  So glad I decided to give it a try.

I took this funny video that shows Ms Seagull trying to chase me away.

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