Monday, June 20, 2016

North Slope Fun Run

We had a 5K fun run here today over by the North Slope Borough building.  They always have them twice a day, at 6 am and 6 pm.  This is the only one I will be able to do because the rest of the runs on the schedule are in July and August, months that I don't work. Each time we complete the run we get a T-shirt.  So I ran it twice in the morning and twice in the evening and collected one T-shirt for me and 3 for my friends.  I am always so tired in the morning but was surprised that I actually had a better pace for the morning runs. It did cut into my sleep for close to two hours so maybe I was even more tired when it was time for the later one.  But it is always fun to actually run with other people, and to run in the middle of the road instead of along the edge of the road on loose gravel and big rocks.  Most of the other people are actually just enjoying a nice walk, but there were a few very fast runners who sped by me as if I was standing still.

So I got in about 11 miles today in spite of the icy cold wind, 39 degrees, and dense fog.

Morning Runs

Evening Runs

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