Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beautiful Day!

It got all the way up to 60 degrees today.  First I started to run around the lake but for a change of scene I turned right at the Dalton Highway and planned to run my usual 5 miles, then return to the hotel.  But on the way back I was enjoying the warm weather so much that I decided to continue on around the lake when I got back to the intersection.

It was quite muddy along the south side of the lake but once I turned to the north it was dry.  There were lots of birds also enjoying the warm day.  My favorite was a loon that sounded as if he was saying hello to me.  I captured a video of him with my phone.

I ended up running over 8 miles after I got back to the hotel.  It was nice to get in a longer run even though I barely had time to eat dinner.  It is such a pleasure to be able to run outdoors in beautiful sunny weather around the lake and down the "Alaska Scenic Byway!"

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