Friday, June 10, 2016

Beautiful Run

It was snowing most of the night and today didn't look too promising.  But when I woke up it was a beautiful sunny day with big puffy clouds and not too much wind.  So I got myself out and ran the 5 miles around Colleen Lake. The south side of the lake was really muddy so I had to run about a foot farther out into the road than usual.  When a car was coming towards me, I moved back into the mud until they passed by.  But once I got past that main section of road, it was much better.  It was a pleasant surprise after so much rain and snow the last couple of days.

I was pretty slow though and the top of my left foot kept getting an annoying sharp pain.  But it went away as strange pains like that usually do.  It was so nice out that I really didn't want to go back to the hotel. I was thinking how nice it be to just keep right on running all the way to my house in Palmer!

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