Saturday, May 21, 2016

New England Series Day 7 New York

Today is simply a repeat of the New York New Paltz run from the Independence Series.  I liked this funny course the first time so enjoyed it the second time too.  I didn't even mind the 20 lap part.  I was also feeling a little more energetic.  Perhaps that was just from knowing it was the last day. I'm hoping to get some time to walk on the beach and visit my cousins before I fly up to Canada. I wasn't exactly speedy today but did beat the 8 hours with a time of 7:45. I'm trying not to be concerned over the 6:30 time limit I have to deal with in Ottawa.  But I plan to run the whole way on that one and not do any walking to chit chat with my friends.  This is the last of the take my time and relax my way to the finish line races.  It has warmed up a bit so was pleasant. I ran with my dress and no long warm leggings, even bringing Hello Kitty along for the ride.

Many of the others dressed as their favorite super hero.  So I added some pink hair and said my super hero was Crazy Cat Woman.

I found a tiny fox on the grass watching us go by.

Here is the final long medal with all 7 states.

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