Sunday, May 15, 2016

New England Series Day 1 Maine

Now we begin the New England Series with Mainly Marathons.  The first race, Day 1 is in Sanford, Maine. A rather flat course and rather pleasant.  Again kind of cold.  Spring has not quite reached Maine yet.  But I did find some pretty flowers along the route where we passed a few homes.  But there were no leaves on the trees yet.  No rain though. I enjoyed quite a bit of traveling through Maine before today.  I even got to visit a few friends who live up this way.

I was recovered from the last series so was back to just a little over 7 hours.  Even if I were to run as fast as possible, I would still end up being rather slow simply because it is so easy to linger at the food table with each loop or to walk a lap or two while talking to one of the other runners.

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