Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New England Series Day 4 Massachusetts

There was something about this course that seemed to bother almost everyone.  Personally I kind of liked it.  Most of it was on grass, so to begin with, the grass was wet in the morning. So my shoes got a little wet at first. But the main complaint was that the ground was kind of lumpy and uneven.  I liked it because the grass was soft.  Sometimes the pavement makes the bottom of my feet hurt. I liked that it was kind of spongy even if it was a little uneven. It was like a softer version of the cobblestones of the Rome Marathon. The weather is still kind of cold but still no rain or high winds.  I have no complaints.  I compare everything to the nightmare of the New Jersey Marathon.  And so far nothing has come close to that level of agony! Things are starting to green up so it is getting a little prettier as we move south. It was a slow course because it climbed partway up a hill.  I was a little over 8 hours today.

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