Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Independence Series Day 1 Delaware

Now that I've thawed out and basically recovered from the icy cold New Jersey Marathon, I have begun the Mainly Marathons Independence Series of 5 marathons, 5 days 5 states.

Today was Delaware.  We ran in the lovely Lums Pond State Park in Bear Delaware.  This is a beautiful time of year in this part of the country.  There are blossoming fruit trees blooming everywhere. That is something we don't see much of in Alaska. Since there is no actual time limit, I didn't push myself too hard, considering I still have 4 more marathons to do in the next 4 days. I took about 7:15 and walked a little here and there while visiting with my friends along the way.  We did numerous loops while counting our loops by picking up rubber bands each time we returned to the start.  It was still kind of chilly but not as bad as the New Jersey freezing cold race.

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