Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wind Rain Hills

I'm back home now and running up and down Wolverine Road getting a daily hill workout.  Today was kind of brutal with a howling wind and rain.  But adding my raincoat seemed to do the trick.  I didn't get too wet.  I felt really good going up those steepest hills today.  I actually think I may be improving.  I've been doing my best to incorporate the Chi Running techniques into my workouts.  I don't seem to get very sore anymore so I must be doing something right.  I still need to speed up but I think that will probably always be the case.  I was so tired this morning that I wondered if I would ever drag myself out the door to run.  Amazing how much better and how much more awake I feel now that I had a good 5 mile run.  I think most of my tiredness is all in my head.

I loved running in the rain.

I have my minimum for my Team In Training fundraising now, but that's just because I finally donated the rest myself.  But my goal is to raise enough to end cancer.  That's really what all of my running is about. I'm still hoping to raise a lot more than my minimum before I take off to run in New Orleans in February.

Next marathon Athens Greece on November 10th.  Looking forward to that one for sure.

Please help me raise enough to cure cancer by visiting my fundraising page here

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