Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Caught In The Rain

It seemed like a lovely day when I started my run to Wolverine Creek and back, but as soon as I got all the way to the creek, it started to rain.  I tucked my phone into an inside pocket and hoped it would stay dry.  It did. My legs are still a little sore from the climb on Saturday.  I am amazed that they would still be sore this many days later.  I guess I got a good workout that day.  Maybe tonight in my yoga class I can loosen things up.  I only ran 5 miles today and actually felt pretty sluggish doing it.  There are some very steep hills on the route that I took, so they certainly slow me down.  But even if I have to slow to a walk sometimes, I think they are better than a totally flat run.

The winds yesterday pretty much eliminated the autumn leaves.  I did catch a few as I drove down the road this morning.  Lots of snow on Pioneer Peak now.

Pioneer Peak & Wolverine Road

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