Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nike Women's Marathon

What a perfect day it was for the marathon today.  It had been so warm the last two days that I was really worried about heat issues.  But it was quite cool all day.  The typical San Francisco fog rolled in last night and lingered until way after everyone had completed the race.  I really can't say I beat my old speed record, but compared to the races I have run in the last several years, I definitely picked up my pace.  Back in 1979 I did my first marathon in just about 5 hours, then later around 2007 I did one at 5:36.  But I finished today at 5:39:44.  I guess running 145 miles on the treadmill up in Deadhorse last month paid off because I not only finished with a much better time, I felt great the whole time.  I feel encouraged by it. I suspect the run in Athens will take longer simply because it has some very long hills.  But at least I feel confident that I will be able to complete that one in sufficient time also.

The Tiffany necklace for this race is quite lovely as usual.
Tiffany Necklace

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