Monday, October 14, 2013

10 Miles

I started out intending to run 5 miles.  But when I got to the halfway point, it was so nice that I just kept on going.  It was perfect running conditions.  I ran all the way past the Matanuska River Bridge and back.  Lots of long hills, especially on the return trip because it is mostly uphill going back.  I had planned to go cross country skiing but my car was not able to plow through the unplowed snow on the Hatcher Pass Road.  That was really disappointing.  I plan to put my studded tires on tomorrow.  Maybe that will help but I think they just need to plow the road.  It looks like there is plenty of snow up there for skiing.

The view of the new Matanuska River Bridge from the old bridge was gorgeous today.
Matanuska River Bridge

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