Thursday, March 15, 2012

Very Short Workout!

I really had the best intentions! I planned to run 5 miles even though my waking hours have been filled with disturbing phone calls and E-mails. But after 2.5 miles on the treadmill I got yet another one of those phone calls which totally interrupted my run.  So I continued until I hit 3 miles and decided to call it good.  By then it was getting kind of late. 

I would really like to go for a 20 miler on the treadmill in the next week.  I bought a small fan to put next to me so that I don't drown in my sweat in that exercise room.  It really helps keep me cool.  Funny that I need to worry about keeping cool when it is 40 below zero outside!  But I'm just not tough enough to run out there. 

I'm closing in on my deadline for reaching my fundraising goal.  Thank you to Ree and Carolyn who just donated in the last couple of days.  No worries though, if I don't reach the goal, I will donate the rest myself.  I wish I was a multi multi multi billionaire so I could donate many of my billions towards ridding the world of cancer.  But since I am just your average hard worker, I will just keep on running with Team In Training and asking for little bits of help from everyone.  $1 from a billion people adds up to a billion dollars!

If you want to help, click on the Team In Training logo below.

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