Friday, March 23, 2012

Very Short Run!

I don't know what was wrong today but I seemed to do a whole lot more sweating than running.  Even with my fan, I was dripping wet.  I ended up stopping after only 3 miles.  I have had a really hard time sleeping the last few days and that really messes up my workouts. 

I do get an extra couple of short workouts each day right now though.  The company car's block heater broke and I am without a car.  So I have had to walk back and forth to work.  It's not very far, about a half a mile.  But at -40 or today with only -18 with a -50 wind chill, it seems a whole lot farther!  It has been kind of a challenge doing the short trek without getting hypothermia or frostbite or both.  I have a pretty good setup to keep me warm.

At least I don't have to walk alone.  I call this photo
"Hello Kitty and Her Ninja - Walking to Work"

I finally reached my official Team In Training fundraising minimum - with my own credit card.  But I still my own goal of $10,000 although my real goal is $100 million or a cure, whichever comes first. 
It's not too late to donate.  Just click Here!

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