Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ran 5 Miles Today

My last run on the treadmill at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel, until I return to work the month of March.  It will be nice to run outdoors or on the indoor track for a change, after I get home tomorrow.  I didn't have any pain in my knee so for sure, it must be all healed.  I wanted to run a little longer but I was short on time.  I had to do my last batch of laundry, pack the duffle bag that stays here, and figure out how to fit everything that goes back home with me into my backpack.  It looks like I got it all done.  I'm ready for the "Blue Moon" flight home from Deadhorse tomorrow, via Barrow this time.  I moved my seat to a window seat so I could admire the second full moon this month.  I hope it is a good sign for the new year.

I'm hoping to find a few more donations in my mailbox when I get home and check all the mail that arrived in December.  If I don't meet my minimum, Team In Training will charge my credit card for the rest.  If I have no new donations in the mail, I will just jump online and donate the rest myself.  Hoping a few people out there will want to make a last minute charitable donation for this great cause, before midnight December 31st. 

Don't forget those with cancer.  Please help!

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