Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Pain - No Gain!

Well, I decided to just ignore the pain in my knee and run.  I ran only 3 miles just to see how it would do.  Sure it hurt, but it really didn't get any worse.  I think at this point, running, and biking will just strengthen it and probably help it heal.  I rode the bike for 45 minutes too.  That really makes my legs feel great.  I hope to ride my mountain bike home the 800 miles to Palmer from Deadhorse one July - hopefully in 2010.  So, riding the bike is a great thing to do along with my running.

I feel like I'M BACK now!

Not quite able to run outdoors up here now though.  This is the view at noon the other day - Winter Solstice. I miss the sun!

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