Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skate Ski Cross Training

I didn't have time this morning to run, but spent the day at Hatcher Pass as Ski Patrol at the Winter Trails Day events.  I got to take part in the free Skate Ski lessons, and by the time I got done learning how to finally use my skate skis, I realized I had a workout as good as any 1 hour run.  What a fabulous sport that is.  I bought the skis last year but had only tried them a couple of times.  Spending some time with the help of a couple of Skate Ski experts, really showed me how to get the best workout from them.  I just love it now! 

It was a beautiful day up at Hatcher Pass today too.  I just joined the Mat-Su Ski Club so I can get more involved in the cross country skiing events in this area.  It was nice to use different muscles for a change.

Such a beautiful clear day!

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