Saturday, January 16, 2010


Arrived in Phoenix yesterday morning and spent most of the day cruising around the marathon expo.  It was hard to resist a few of the cool things they had for sale.  I like my Rock Star shirt the most.  I also went out with my cousin Evelyn and we had a very delicious fun meal that was a combination of appetizer and desert.  I think a 26 mile marathon may run it off, but I'm not sure.  The salmon dinner with the Team In Training folks was a nice additon too. Tonight is the inspiration dinner, and I will probably check out the yoga class at noon and cruise the expo some more.

We went on a little 2 mile warm up run this morning to check out the conditions.  It was so dry out that I had dry mouth the whole time.  I guess I will need to hydrate a lot more than usual for tomorrow.  Getting excited about the marathon tomorrow. Nice view out the window of the Sheraton Hotel downtown Phoenix!

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