Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 Miles and 30 Minutes

The PF Chang's Marathon in Phoenix is only 5 days away so for sure I am tapering off my running.  I ran 3 miles on my own treadmill and did 30 minutes on my bike.  But all indoors because the wind is between 60 and 80 miles per hour out there right now, and it is about 10 degrees.  No Thanks!

Drove with a friend all the way to Fairbanks then to Delta on Sunday then home Monday via the Richardson Highway through Paxson and Glennallen.  So beautiful.  But -44 in Delta when we left.  So I didn't work out at all those two days, but gave my camera a good workout.  I even made it to mass on Sunday morning.  A spiritual workout!

I'm looking forward to the marathon and warmer temperatures in Phoenix then a week in California.  But the scenery in Alaska right now defies description. Amazing frost covered trees everywhere that the wind isn't blowing.

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