Sunday, February 14, 2016

Los Angeles Marathon

What a fantastic race!  It was not nearly as hot as forecast, and there was a nice breeze most of the way.  I just loved this course and everything about this race.  I couldn't believe that they actually closed all of the most important main roads through Los Angeles.  We ran from Dodger Stadium all the way to the beach in Santa Monica.  We ran down Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard.  It brought back so many memories of all of those places where I spent my high school and college years.  I'm glad I no longer live in such an overwhelmingly crowded city, but I still enjoyed the entire event.  I was still pretty slow, and had problems with a nasty blister on my toe, and some abdominal cramps.  But I finished in a decent time.

I had a really nice weekend, went on quite the shopping spree in Santa Monica while visiting the Athleta Store. I bought 3 new running skirts and another running outfit too.  I never shop for myself but I adore that store.  I even wore my new white skirt on the race.  I'm sure it made me run faster!  I saw one of my friends, Sharon who is coming up on her 500th marathon.  Yet another person who greatly inspires me.

After the race I treated my sore feet to a dip in the icy cold Pacific Ocean.

I loved the race, the place and the medal.


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