Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruise Run

Several of the die hard marathoners ran another marathon on the ship today.  I had planned to do that but considering how exhausted I have been after the first two land marathons, I chose to stick with the shortest race distance.  In fact, even though we could get a medal for any distance, I didn't plan on running at all.  But once I went up to the ship track and saw the others running, I decided to kick off my shoes and do just a simple 5k in my bare feet.  It was fun but I'm glad I didn't wear myself out and lower my chances of finishing the marathon the next day in Barbados.

I wish I had been able to run the full marathon though.  I am running these races with some of the most accomplished and amazing runners in the marathon world.  I feel in awe of simply being in their presence!

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