Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Carlisle Bay Marathon, Barbados

I'm so glad that I chose to take it easy yesterday while we were simply cruising.  I did my best run today at the Carlisle Bay Marathon in Barbados.  Of course I was anything but fast, but at least I did finish.  It was really hot again of course.  I feel like I am in a perpetual state of heat exhaustion.  It really takes the energy away.  I was carrying little packets of salt and ate them periodically.  I will be sure to carry salt on all of the rest of the races.

This was a crazy course.  First we ran along the main road on the sidewalks, dodging pedestrians, but at least it was shady.  But then we turned and ran along a very busy and very dangerous highway.  It was kind of horrifying actually.  We were all quite discouraged.  We did pass a gorgeous beach and I chose that lovely place to scatter my little packet of my mother's ashes.  I know she would have loved that beach.  When we got back to the starting point of that loop, Ziyad told us that he had changed the course to a simple loop along the breezy coast.  To everyone's relief, we didn't need to repeat that route along that highway.  The ocean breeze really helped keep us a little cooler.  I finished feeling fairly well. But of course didn't break any speed records!

Beach at Barbados

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