Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maui Oceanfront Marathon

Finally, the reason I came here in the first place.  The Maui Oceanfront Marathon.  I have been consumed with worry about whether I would be able to meet the time limit, even though it is really very long at 6:30.  But I have been dealing with several issues.  An ankle injury back in December that prevented me from training adequately, the fall at Waimoku Falls, and most of all the 80 degree temperatures and humidity.  When I picked up my race bib I changed to the early start marathon which gave me an extra hour, plus that extra hour would still be in the dark.  So at 4:30 am I started with the other slower runners and walkers.  I think it was an excellent decision.  I never had any pain, thank goodness, but it was hot even for those first 2 hours before the sun came up.  Once the sun did come up it really got hot.  But it really wasn't quite as bad as I had expected because there was always a bit of an ocean breeze.  The course was spectacular with a continual ocean view and the sound of crashing waves the whole time.  I really enjoyed it, and also enjoyed knowing that I would have plenty of time to finish.  I was pretty slow but did finish in 6:15:50, which would have been within the limits if I had started at the regular time.  But perhaps the heat would have slowed me down and I would not have made it.  The early start was a good decision.  Once I crossed the finish line I went down to the ocean and jumped it.  That was a great ending!

Here is my finishing picture from Marathon Photos.

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Finish

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