Friday, January 3, 2014

At The Sports Center

Finally back home in Palmer and did my first run of 2014.  I'm still catching up on sleep and transitioning from night shift work to night sleeping.  It's happening very slowly.  I felt great for the first 3 miles then felt like I was going to fall over during the last two of my short 5 mile run.  It's also a transition to go from the treadmill to running where I actually move across the ground.  It really is a different movement.  Next week I am going to Hawaii and will enjoy running in warmer weather, preferably along the beach.  I am planning to run the Maui Oceanfront Marathon on January 19th, my first marathon of the year.  It will be a nice contrast to today's snowstorm.

I took this little picture of the snow with my phone as part of the Nike+ phone app.  I like how you can add a picture when the app posts to Facebook.
New Snow at the Sports Center

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