Friday, December 27, 2013

5 Miles on the Treadmill

I was able to run a full 5 miles without any pain today so I hope my sore ankle and foot have healed.  I sure gave them plenty of rest for about 2 weeks.  But I didn't want to take any chances when I have a long list of marathons on my running agenda for 2014.  It looks like I can get back to normal training runs now.  I will be home again in a few days and then can run outdoors or at least in the Sports Center instead of the treadmill.  It just doesn't feel the same to run on the treadmill.  I am really looking forward to daily runs on the beach in Hawaii in a couple of weeks too. That thought is especially attractive considering that it is currently 20 below zero Fahrenheit here in Deadhorse at the moment.  I could use a little bit of warm for a few days.

I'm holding off on the barefoot running until I can give it a try at the Sports Center. I'm using my Blue Hokas until then. They are quite comfy.

5 Miles on the Treadmill

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