Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Lake Again

I woke up late again but the weather was wonderful so I did my usual 5 mile run around the lake.  I am really in a rut and way behind on my training.  I have been so spoiled by the nice weather that the last three days of freezing, windy, and foggy weather seemed to give me the lame excuse to do nothing!  I have a collection of treadmills downstairs in the exercise room but for some reason just elected to ignore them.  I'm pretty frustrated because I still don't have confirmation that I will be going home on time, this Sunday.  Trying not to get depressed over it.  Today's run really boosted my spirits like it always does.  As soon as I find out the results of the Nike Women's Marathon lottery on Friday I will decide whether to sign up for Nike with Team In Training or some other run.  If our team doesn't get selected in the lottery I will do it with Team In Training.  If we get selected, I will do a different run with Team In Training.  I am in TNT limbo right now waiting to decide which run to do with them.  I will likely sign up for one on Friday.  I don't like it when I don't have an active Team In Training fundraiser going.  Cancer isn't waiting until Friday but I am trying to hang in there until then!

It was 31 degrees in Freezing fog at 6 am this morning, but 60 degrees with this amazing sky at 6 pm this evening.  Quite a change in 12 hours!

Colleen Lake

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