Thursday, June 13, 2013

60 Degrees!

Incredibly beautiful day here in Deadhorse.  Of course I ran around the lake again.  I didn't get much sleep because I got word that I won't be going home on time and will either have to hold over for two weeks or the entire month of July.  That means either way, I have to miss the Hatcher Pass Marathon.  I really love that one and was looking forward to it.  I can't believe how many times I have been forced to hold over for weeks at a time at this job because one of my alternates can't come to work.  I'm hoping he is feeling better and will be able to make it, but for now it doesn't look good.

But at least if I am going to be stuck up here, we are having beautiful clear sunny 60 degree weather.  It was absolutely heavenly running the 5 miles around Colleen Lake tonight.

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