Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm Back

Haven't done any actual running since the Paris Marathon.  But I did walk 640 miles from Lourdes, France to Santiago de Compostela then on to Finisterre and Muxia on the Camino de Santiago.  Still fussing with that sprained ankle the entire time too!

I got a bad cold as soon as I got home and am now back up in Deadhorse at work.  The cold is finally subsiding and my ankle feels a lot better, although it does still hurt. But I did finally force myself to do a short and not very fast 3 mile run on the new treadmill here at the hotel.  Hoping that I am now back to running.  I signed up for the Anchorage Big Wild Life Marathon and finalized my trip plans for the Reykjavik Marathon in August.  I'm waiting to see if our team gets selected for the Nike Women's Marathon.  If we don't then that will be my next Team In Training event.  If we get selected, I will find another TNT event because I always want to have one active.  I will know soon and my new fundraising page will be online.

But for now, just hoping to get back into training.

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