Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ran Outside Finally

I'm a couple of days late writing this.  I forgot!  I ran with the team on Wednesday night, first time outdoors in ages.  It was snowing really hard at my house but down by Wonderland Park it was great.  I just ran another 3 miles that night.  Then we went out and had Mexican food.  I don't think the calories balanced out!  But it was fun to run outdoors and visit with the girls for a change.  My feet were bothering me though.  It was time for new running shoes.  So I got some ultra thick soft soled shoes in hopes that the bottoms of my feet will finally stop hurting.  They do OK on the treadmill but on the pavement it is painful.  These shoes are ones that the ultra runners use.  Even a 10 mile run seems like an ultra to my feet, so these should do the trick, I hope!
Got Mom a cute little kitty tonight.  I hope she works out.  I think my mom is lonely.


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